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Momotoko restaurants are recruting new noodlebenders to join our amazing teams.

Send your open application and possible CV to: Join@momotoko.com and we’ll contact you.

From our employees

“I’ve had such a fun time in Momotoko. My work mates are nice, and we’ve grown into a small community, where everyone supports each other”

“Soon I’ve worked for Momotoko for 5 years. I started as a part timer but now as the company has grown, I grew with it. Currently, I’m a manager and I’m responsible of one of the Momotoko restaurants. The best thing about my workplace are the work mates and the constant possibility to grow”

Momotoko has a friendly, happy and warm work environment. Every employee helps one another and works to keep up the good atmosphere. We are a welcoming group where you can bring up your own ideas and have the chance to develop the company.