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Momotoko Koskikeskus, Tampere.

We have opened our 12th Momotoko restaurant and our first in Tampere – you can now visit us at Koskikeskus Shopping Centre in the heart of Tampere where we will offer you amazing ramens, donburis, baos and snacks!

There is also a terrace area where the windows are out of the way during warm summer days and it’s heated on cold winter days so you can enjoy it year round!

Open hours
Mon–Thu 11–21

Fri-Sa 11–22

Su 11–20

(Kitchen closes 30 min before the restaurant)

Special opening times for 2023


Hatanpään valtatie 1, 33100

Tampere, Finland


+358 40 1240402

Many of you have inquired, and we have listened! We will open a new restaurant in Tampere in 2023!

Momotoko is about to become Tampere’s newest and most authentic ramen destination! We are thrilled to bring traditional Japanese flavors to Tampere, and we can’t wait for you to try them.

Our menu offers a wide range of ramen meals created from the finest ingredients and traditional traditions. We have something for everyone’s taste, from our deep and delicious tonkatsu broth to our spicy miso ramen. Every weekday also has a different Lunch Special, so you can always try something new.

Kulho ramenia

But it’s not simply the food that distinguishes us. Our restaurants’ cozy and inviting atmospheres make Momotoko the ideal setting for a casual supper with friends or a romantic date night. Furthermore, our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff is committed to providing exceptional service and making your dining experience unforgettable.


We are open for lunch and supper, with takeout available.

Come join us and enjoy a taste of Japan in the heart of Tampere!