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Japanese food – not just sushi

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Sushi might be the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about Japanese food. While sushi is delicious, it’s just a small part of a great food culture that includes many amazing dishes and wonderful flavors. So go ahead and test out other Japanese foods – there’s plenty to try!

Japanese cuisine’s flavor palette consists of sophisticated combinations of the ingredients’ natural flavors. A traditional Japanese meal might include rice, miso soup and fish, meat or tofu. Green tea is often served with food.

Umami is a typical flavor in Japanese food

Umami is one of the 5 basic flavor profiles and it’s a very characteristic part of Japanese cuisine. It’s a special flavor that enhances and balances other aromas which combines all the flavors together in a unique way. In Japanese food, umami flavor usually comes from soy sauce, seaweed or mushrooms.

Inspiration from the seasons

Seasonality is present in Japanese cuisine as dishes are usually made with the season’s best vegetables. Portions are often decorated with fresh seasonal herbs, flowers and beautifully cut vegetables. Next time you visit Momotoko, take a moment to notice how the food is garnished. You might be surprised how thoughtfully a hearty bowl of ramen can be plated!

Washoku – Japanese food culture

Traditional Japanese food culture called washoku is a balanced combination of different dishes, cooking styles, quality ingredients, beautiful presentation and nutrition. Washoku is a great presentation of the Japanese culture, where respect for harmony, nature and beauty are strongly present. Washoku is even a part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Japanese foods

Donburi is a Japanese dish with different types of vegetables, mushrooms and meat or fish is placed over a bed of rice. The dish is served in a bowl and spiced with a flavorful sauce. Donburi has numerous different variations, and the bowl can be filled with all kinds of toppings.

Ramen is a noodle soup that came to Japan from China. Its slowly brewed delicious stew makes the dish perfect for a wintertime meal. Traditionally a bowl of ramen includes thin hand-made wheat noodles with meat or tofu, vegetables, and an egg placed on top.

Yakitori is a grilled Japanese chicken skewer that is spiced with sweet and salty tare sauce. In Japan, yakitori’s are mainly street food and often a part of the menu in an izakaya, a Japanese pub.

You are warmly welcome to Momotoko to enjoy some Japanese flavors! Itadakimasu!