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Asian food

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Asian food culture

Getting to know Asian food is an exciting journey through numerous different culinary traditions. Asia is a massive area that covers multiple countries, all of which have their own regional and ethnic cuisines. Therefore, Asian food culture consists of a great variety of flavors.

Asian food

Even though each area of Asia has its own traditional foods, almost all Asian food cultures have been influenced by different religions, such as Shinto, Hinduism and Buddhism. Asian food cultures are based on thousands of years of traditions and beliefs that seek balance in life as well as in nutrition. Balance is seen as the key to a healthy, long life. Vegetables are used a lot in cooking and the flavors are a balanced combination of sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter.

Table manners in Asia

Thanks to its long history and the influence of religions, Asian dinner etiquette includes many regional traditions that are carefully followed. For example, in some cultures, it is polite to use both hands to receive a plate that is handed to you. Other Asian table manners might also be very different compared to what we are used to in Europe. For instance, loud slurping of soup and noodles is very common and not at all unpolite.

In many Asian countries, chopsticks are used as cutlery and there are certain customs when it comes to them. For example, when you want to lay your chopsticks down, place them neatly on the edge of the bowl. Don’t leave your chopsticks poking out of your food; in almost all of Asia, sticking-out chopsticks have a connotation of death.

Remember that each Asian culture has its own traditions and habits when it comes to food. As a guest, you are not expected to know everything, so just relax and enjoy the meal!

Get more familiar with Asian food

Diving deeper into Asian food culture is an endless journey. There are so many flavors to experience and new dishes to taste. If you have already had the chance to try out the most common Asian foods, such as Asian buffets, sushi from Japan, pad thai from Thailand or phở from Vietnam, you should already dive deeper into the world of Asian foods.

Japanese food is a combination of flavor and aesthetics

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Japanese food is usually lightly spiced and designed to bring out the gorgeous and pure flavors of the ingredients. The flavors are enhanced with soy sauce, miso paste made from fermented soybeans or dashi broth made from dried fish flakes and seaweed. Rice also has a big role in Japanese food culture and is an appreciated part of almost every meal. The harmony and beautiful plating of the food are especially thought out in Japan and enjoying a meal is traditionally seen as a beautiful ritual in the country of polite manners.

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